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10/19/02 8:35:35 PM

Kids, I am back. How is it going? I have been doing good, I went back to State College for a few days but after hours of layovers in the Pittsburgh  International Airport I returned in all my glory. To celebrate what did I do? the same thing I always do to celebrate good times... I had a BBQ. Like usual the food was good but the company was better. the evening then turned into a screening of The Big Lebowski and after that a roundtable discussion that focused on many topics like Baseball, Lobotomies, USA Trivia and odd head scratching devices.

So lately I have been playing a certain video game that has been trying to consume my life. Animal Crossing, the most addictive game I have ever played.  Even Exacta is hooked on the game, soon we will bring you a update on our Animal Crossing lives.  Its not like I currently have much to do so I sit down to play then 3 hours later I realize how much time has gone by.  Its my equivalent of most peoples EverQuest.

Yesterday Exacta and I decided to go checkout Michael Moore's latest film "Bowling for Columbine." If you are like me and like seeing gun nuts talk because they sound ridiculous this is the movie for you. you even get to see the worlds largest gun nut "Moses" himself talk about guns at the climax of the film.

Exacta and I unknowingly ventured down to Barrio Logan the other day and didn't notice it until it was too late. Of course following our best instincts we rolled up the windows and pretended nothing was weird. going to the Barrio is a interesting experience I suggest everybody does once in their lives. however I suggest it be done during the day.  There are a lot off good looking Mexican restaurants that I will never try just because I don't think it would be a bright Idea. call me the overreacting white guy but something about being in the Barrio scares me. Any of you loyal readers have a Barrio Story you want to share? Send it on in. we want to hear it!

Well I am off to see The Rugburns! 

Inside Joke of the Week - "Brospect Street"

- Andrew

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09/30/02 1:15:42 PM
Hey-O! This here's what we in the business call a "satellite update." By "in the business" I mean, of course, myself. I'm sitting outside Sequoia Hall, room 147 on the campus of the University of California San Diego, where I'm killing time waiting for my next class. I'm sitting on a wood bench thingy, it's backless (like my dresses), and they put these things just far enough away from the wall to where it's uncomfortable to try and get some support. Instead of being hunched over and writing on my lap, I've commandeered a desk and am using that as my writing surface. To passerby, I must look like those bad kids in elementary school who were forced to sit outside class when they misbehaved. I'd walk outside my class at Cadman Elementary to get a drink (you all know it wouldn't be to go to the bathroom, what with my rampant mistrust of public restrooms), look down the corridor of classes, and there would be Riley Gainer, kicking a rock around, playing with his pencil, doing anything but working, which is how he got there in the first place. Riley wasn't too bright. Of course, I say that based on distant observation (and playground behavior, which I'd guess was just a grammar school primer for those prison yards he's probably in right now), as kids of his type didn't associate with my types in recess. Not only were their small brains confused by such advanced games as four-square and dodgeball, but they were an overall nuisance to us gifted students, and seeing as we were the prized pupils of the school we were protected like golden geese in a poor farmer's henhouse. I just realized the sun's out now. I brought my umbrella to class, seeing as there was a steady downpour when I got here. Now I'm just going to look like the fool who sucks at judging the weather. Guess I should have consulted my "how meteorologists tell the temperature" equation I lied about in high school for a presentation. Suck it, Mrs. Omen. You gave me 48/50 on something I made up, I win. Shows you for giving us a retarded assignment. 'Pick an equation and demonstrate how it's used in the real world.' How about, I make up an equation, whip up a kickass posterboard graphic, and try to keep a straight face while Dredub knows it's all BS and tries to keep a straight face as well? What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Riley. He wasn't smart.

I'm in a semi-high traffic area right now, and I'm stunned at how many black people there are on campus. So diverse, I feel like I'm at an overly-liberal arts college in Vermont. UCSD, #7 public school in the country. Take THAT, Austin Peay! Apparently within 1 through 6 were Berkeley and UCLA (1 and 3 respectively) so Peter and Mark - I hate you. Well, Mark, you're a good guy, so this is just a moderate hate, like one might have for the IRS, or the DMV, or books. Peter, I hate you on top of the previous, standard, continual hate that permeates my body, soul, and eternal vision.

Damn, that was good.

Someone just used the word "boringer." Yes. As in, "was the class better? Or was it boringer?" Simply amazing. I think that's why we're stuck behind schools like Virginia and North Carolina, our excessive use of FAKE FUCKING WORDS.

Arab girls, girls with...what are they called...shoals? Some of 'em, kinda cute. Perhaps that's just my thinking though. There's a few things they apparently go jihad for, but I don't have what they want (jokes only one person gets = comedy

Okay, it's 9 'til, I'm off to get a seat. Stay off the pipe, kids.