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Music - aussie jamrock. don't fuck around, just check it out. - post-at the drive-in rock, punishing and intricate. - rocketfromthecrypt[dot]com. local punk. it's the real deal. - music news, sometimes they're wrong, but usually they're pretty accurate. like an unfunny buddyhead. - tour dates for every band under the sun, dig it. - sometimes factual, sometime side-hurting funny business. - like IMDB, but for music. now you have no excuse not to be an expert on the entire back catalog of Neil Sedaka.

Boredom - desensitize yourself. not recommended for viewing in a church, library, or school. - same as above, but with a lighter side. - mucho inspiración for the site you're on now. they bring the funny. - old-school asteroids, really stable and probably the best time killer i know of. current record: 289,650. - it's fuckin' TRON, also has a 2-player mode. waste the days away.

St. Paul Police Prostitution Photos - i dunno, this amuses me for some reason. lookit dem johns!

Information - it's where you hear it first. - it's where i hear it first. just news, no grossout pics or anything, and a great mix of links to articles ranging from the bizarre to highly educational to things from around the world that, post-9/11, the us media isn't really bothering to cover. - because really, if you're going to be a swarthy, music-stealing pirate, at least do it with some knowledge. - there's nothing there yet, but this section would be incomplete without a link to the page of the station that's provided top shelf unintentional comedy to the Sidewalk Crusaders for over a decade. - i check this daily for bargains on everything from cheap hard drives to free bagels to discounts on blank cds. a fantastic resource.