NOT A FORTUNE! True, but not a fortune.

NOT A FORTUNE! Sometimes, I think of the fortune as a 7th grade English teacher. Works here.

FORTUNE! "Many" is a little vague, but it's certainly more than, say, 2. Toronto doesn't count for exotic, does it? I think only I can be the judge of that.

FORTUNE! And a bold one at that, if you know me. If you're eating fast food Chinese, that drops your odds of romance immediately by around 30-35%.

Thanks, but NOT A FORTUNE! Those lucky numbers eat ass, by the way. At least 48 was in the one above this, I've always liked 48 for some reason. Solid number.

NOT A FORTUNE! I didn't get this one when I opened the cookie, and I still don't now. My smile brings happiness to me, and it's usually not reliant on the smile itself, but what makes me smile. If I was some hot chick, yes, I could see this being accurate. But the fortune should have known better that it was coming to me and not some Brazilian bombshell.